Dr. Michael Kessler


Global Health Solutions was founded by Dr. Michael Kessler and Dr. Javdat Karimov. Both doctors have practiced functional and Bioenergetic medicine for over twenty years each. Throughout their practices they have investigated the latest technology available, and have gathered and used many cutting edge devices such as NES, Asyra, Ondamed, Heart Rate Variability and Theragem.  


Dr. Karimov picked the most innovative analysis systems from Russia including the Heart Quest, Dynamika, and PMA. Dr.Karimov has been using these modalities for many years in his practice and is a wealth of knowledge.


With Dr. Karimov’s ability to bring the best technologies from Russia and the combined ability of both Dr. Kessler and Dr. Karimov to teach the use of these technologies in simple, easy to use formats, Global Health Solutions was formed.  Our commitment is to bring the best, most accurate and useful tools from Russia to health providers all over the United States and other countries around the world.  These are valuable tools that are used consistently in Dr. Kessler’s and Dr. Karimov’s own clinics.

Dr. Javdat Karimov