Bioenergetic Medicine


When we talk about Bioenergetic analysis we are really talking about a specific frequency range. There are many good examples of this. The Hubble telescope is analyzing  the frequency spectrum of stars light years away and from this can tell us that a particular star has cobalt in it, or carbon. The color Blue is Blue because it has the specific frequency that makes it blue. Our bodies are able to hear sounds because we have the ability to translate frequencies into tangible sounds that make sense to us. It is also the same idea as to how we form visual images. By analyzing the frequency spectrum of the electro cardio signal on the HQ or Dinamika, we are able to ascertain specific information on the patient’s physical state. High frequency or HF information tells us about the parasympathetic nervous system and Low Frequency or LF information tells us about the sympathetic nervous system. Complex wave patterns analyzed from the EEG give us specific information about the meridians from Chinese medicine. When we look at a classical ELECTROENCEPHLOGRAM and we analyze brain wave activity, we break down the complex frequencies into their component bands such as Delta Waves at 1-4 HZ and Theta Waves at 4-8 Hz, Alpha Waves at 8-12 Hz and Beta waves 13 and above. If one of these is out of sync with the other brain waves this person’s state of arousal will be unbalanced. If you are supposed to be concentrating and you have too much Alpha you won’t be able to focus. If you are supposed to be calm and you have too much Beta in relationship to the others you will have some anxiety and may not be able to relax. The classic HRV just analyzes the time domain looking only at the beat to beat changes from 1 contraction to the next. The HQ and Dinamika go beyond this and analyze the frequency spectrum from which we are able to ascertain a rich body of information about how our patients’ regulatory systems are able to adjust as necessary to create balance. For example, are the regulatory systems of the body becoming overwhelmed?   Is one system such as the sympathetic nervous system blocked and unable to make a fast speed change to the parasympathetic calming, healing nervous system thus causing vasoconstriction of the blood vessels and stress on the heart?

There is a reason we use the heart to measure information about the state of the human organism. The heart initiates the largest electromagnetic signal in the body. The signal that is generated is a carrier wave that is modulated with information. This is from the research at Heart Math. The heart is basically sending information to every cell in the body. The job of the heart, besides pumping blood, is to imprint information via pressure waves or sound into blood proteins. Proteins are the message carriers of the body. There are experiments that show the heart is precognitive and, when there is a threat to the organism, the heart picks up the threat before the brain knows there is a threat. I recommend that you read Dr. Karl Maret’s article on this website.  Go to the "An Expanded View of the Heart" Tab and see how complex the heart really is. It is no surprise that in Chinese medicine they call the heart the Emperor.  The HeartQuest is the first system that can extract meridian information directly from the heart signal.


For more information about Biophysics,

read "Decoding the Human Biofield" and

watch the movie, "The Living Matrix".


As a health care provider for 25 plus years, I was excited to have technology that would tell me where my patients health was setting on a health/disease continuum not reliant on symptoms. I wanted to know how effective my treatments were and how effective the modalities I was using were.

Health measurement can sometimes be ascertained by symptoms or from blood chemistry if the patient is improving. However, you cannot always run chemistry because it isn't convenient, and is costly. It is also limited in what it tells you. Symptomatically, I have heard patients say "I don't feel any difference", but their QEEG Brain Map has improved and the HRV shows great improvement as well as the PMA.

--Dr. Michael Kessler

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