Heart Rate Variability & Pulse Measurment Analysis


What's the big deal about measuring the pulse?

Every cell and everything that makes up the cell produces a complex wave pattern that is unique. The myriad of moving metabolic processes that are chemical processes to maintain life produce a pattern of complex wave patterns that contain information. By studying these wave patterns in the pulse using an acoustic sensor, we can ascertain vast amounts of information.

We do this with Brain studies where we map the electrical activity of the brain. We observe the individual's cognitive functioning, memory, anxiety, depression, and how well they are processing information and emotions, etc. We can also do this with the Heart using an EKG, and we can also tell how someone is functioning as far as total health by looking at a process called Heart Rate Variability that also looks at complex wave patterns coming from the heart.


Objective Tools For Health Care Maintenance

We health care providers need objective tools that are fast, accurate, and affordable to track our patients health. This keeps us honest with ourselves and helps us with patients who tell us they don't feel any different using our therapies even though we see that their health has changed course. I will post Before and After Therapy cases on our website using different modalities such as NES, ASYRA, REBA, Theragem, and Ondamed so that everone can see the effects of what these technologies can do using Pulse Measurement Analysis (PMA) and Heart Rate Variability (HRV).

We at Global Health Solutions invite you take part in this research.



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