Objectively know the effectiveness of your treatments, and track how healthy your patients are on the health continuum with the Dinamika Medical Heart Rate Variability System.  The Dinamika HRV is a digital analyzer designed to study the functional state of a person based on neurodynamic HRV analysis. This is the most advanced heart rate variability analysis to date. With the help of this system you will be able to monitor your patient's functional status and to determine the effectiveness of treatment. 

This analysis system is based on a number of specialized, highly informative indicators from advances in biology, physiology and clinical medicine. The advantage of this system of analysis is its objectivity, speed, accuracy and ease of interpretation. Within 5 minutes you will have the results giving you the status of your patient's health.

Dinamika is the digital analyzer of biorhythms - it is a hardware-software complex, intended to analyze human heart and brain rhythms extracted from an electrocardiosignal in the broadband frequency. The system is based on a new information analysis technology of non-linear signals of a different physical nature - a so-called "Fractal Neurodynamics".

Designing the system, the latest achievements in theoretical and clinical medicine and physiology were used, and a number of new highly informative health evaluating indices are offered.

Package includes Dinamika device with ECG wrist clamps, Dinamika Software & License, Online Education


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  • Can you track how healthy your patients are on the health continuum? Do you know objectively if your treatments are working? Can you visually see over many patient visits what functional areas are changing in the areas of adaptive ability such as the Autonomic Nervous System, the Central System, the Neuroendocrine, and the Psychoemotional areas?

    The Dinamika Medical Heart Rate Variability can accomplish all of the above and more:

    - Easy to interpret with great manual and video education
    - Indications of stress on the heart
    - Indications of adrenal dysfunction
    - Indications of dysregulation in both the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches of the autonomic nervous system
    - Indications of energy states such as energy depletion
    - Indications if patient has a depletion of oxygen an dnutrients to the brain
    - Tells you when detoxification may need to wait because patient does not have enough energy to perform this task
    - Analysis takes 3 to 5 minutes with great visuals

    Dinamika HRV:

    Estimates in the screening mode - a level and reserves of a cardiovascular, vegetative and central regulation, and to evaluate deflections of these parameters from normal values;

    Estimates a level of indemnification and power resources of an organism at various levels of a regulation

    Monitors - in the dynamical monitoring mode - a functional condotion of the patient and to estimate the effectiveness of various methods of therapy at realization of treatment-and-prophylactic measures

    Uses color and musical stimulation and specialy controlled respiration in the biological feedback mode - to correct psycho-emotional infringements and to cause the "dope effect" in case of weakness and to remove a strain

    Creates a medical report and give necessary recommendations as the results of a computer-aided analysis

    Monitors all parameters of the functional condition of a patient, predict their changes, estimate the organism's resources and evaluate effectiveness of a treatment.