Determine the effectiveness of your treatment your patients long before any serious physical symptoms arise!  Heart Quest (HQ) is the most advanced, non-invasive, diagnostic system that analyzes the human biorhythms and regulatory systems.  This allows health care practitioners of any field to quickly monitor the rhythmic patterns of the heart rate (this is known as Heart Rate Variability or HRV) by extracting data from an electro-cardio signal in the broadband frequency.  The HQ allows you to assess your patient’s total health through indices of the autonomic nervous system, neuro-hormonal system, psycho-emotional state, brain electrical activity, meridians, chakras in relation to the endocrine system. It analyzes the intricate web of interconnections regulating our highly complex physiology.  It also has an educational biofeedback balancing program that is customized for your client or patient.  

Heart Quest Package includes: HQ Device with ECG Wrist Clamps, HQ Softwares & Licensing, Online Education

HeartQuest (HQ) HRV

  • How hard does the body’s regulatory resources such as the autonomic nervous system and neuroendocrine have to work to maintain homeostasis?

    Is there enough energy or vital force available or is the body in a state of depletion?

    Can the body’s autonomic nervous system change rapidly to meet the demands necessary to maintain health? Or is it not able to adapt and therefore stuck in fight or flight sympathetic nervous system or rest and relax portion of the nervous system the parasympathetic nervous system.

    If the autonomic nervous system cannot adapt to environmental stresses is there a secondary backup?

    Is the secondary backup as efficient as the autonomic nervous system?

    Within the body’s metabolism how fast does it take to produce and build energy and are we using energy faster than we are building?
    Can we extract information from an ECG that can tell us information about states of arousal such as delta, theta, alpha, beta and gamma states that effect sleep, mood, etc?

    Is it possible to know if our health is stable, getting worse or improving?

    Can we integrate the complex regulation systems of the body with information from ancient eastern systems of Chinese medicine and the chakras from Ayurveda, the most ancient of all medical systems?

    Would access to the above information be valuable to help make decisions in educating your patients or clients and also to know if your treatments are working?

    Does your biological age match your actual age?

    The HQ is the tool that is a reflection of your patients regulatory function and answers all the above questions and much more! It also has a customized educational biofeedback program to create balance in the regulatory systems of the body and is very simple to use. Education is paramount to us and is available on the web to those who purchase.